Scarn’s calendar is called the New Calendar. It records dates as After Victory (AV). Times before the Divine War are referred to using dates from the Old Calendar (OC). The Old Calendar ended in 3259.

There are 8 days to a normal week. Each month is 25 days, with the last week of each month having 9 days.

Current Day

The Current Day Is: 7 Vangalot, 150 AV.

The Calendar

Month Days Season Associations
Corot 1-25 Spring Month of Strength
Tanot 26-50 Spring Month of Hunting
Enkilot 51-75 Spring Month of Storms
Belot 76-100 Spring Month of Death
Chardot 101-125 Summer Month of War
Madrot 126-150 Summer Month of the Radiant Sun
Hedrot 151-175 Summer Month of Wealth
Vangalot 176-200 Summer Month of Disasters
Charder 201-225 Autumn Month of Servitude
Madrer 226-250 Autumn Month of Harvest
Enker 251-275 Autumn Month of Travel
Corer 276-300 Autumn Month of Crafting
Taner 301-325 Winter Month of Good Fortune
Belsamer 326-350 Winter Month of Darkness
Hedrer 351-375 Winter Month of Protection
Vanger 376-400 Winter Month of Pestilence


Carnival of Flowers: 13 Tanot (38th Day).
Festival of the Sun: 16 Madrot (141st Day).
Feast of Wheat: 15 Madrer (240th Day).
Grim Day: 16 Belsamer (341st Day).

DIVINITIES’ DAY: 1 Chardot – celebrates victory of the Divines.


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