The Serpent Amphora Cycle

Dark Forrest

Samael watched the forest as they were being led to their destination by this odd looking elf. The forest unsettled him, like he could feel evil and darkness all around him. Everything around them seemed to want them dead or in misery. Even he had trouble dealing with the thorns and insects that kept nagging about.

He kept Ennoia close as to keep her safe, his bow ever at the ready so they wouldn’t be caught off guard. The noises in the woods for foreign and often caught him by surprise or confused him. Ennoia shared her displeasure of this woods with him through their link.

He studied the flora and fauna as best he could as they traveled through the woods. For the most part he was trying to make sure nothing was attempting to kill them at the time. But, as a ranger, Samael was still very interested in the woods and trees. How did such things survive with this ominous presence. Were they creating the presence? Was it just his nerves from everything that had happened? Maybe this place wasn’t as evil as Samael thought it was.

He often prayed to the gods non-vocally asking them for safe travel and help in their journey to come. He was worried that their skills wouldn’t be enough. That the help from the gods would be necessary for them to survive. It had been so far and things were only getting harder for them.

He was also skeptical of this new person. She had said she was hunting the Gorgons that they had fought but maybe she was actually hunting them. And how could she live in such a place and still be sane? He felt like he was in an alien world that deserved respect but was never to be trusted.


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