The Serpent Amphora Cycle

Chapter 5: The Serpent and the Scepter, Part 1 - Torhilda

Belemir the elf leaned down to pet Huan behind the ears, his imposing traveling companion looking at a map.

“How are we supposed to find the right Asuras house to speak to?” Valda asked, mostly to herself. “Everything here has the name Asuras on it.”

“You said we’re looking for an archeologist.”

The sorceress looked over at the elf and his dog, staring at him in surprise.

“You WERE paying attention!”

“The meeting was… unnerving,” Belemir said quietly, checking Huan’s harness.

“You were scared,” Valda said. “Admit it. And yes, we’re looking for an archeologist who works for Asuras, Ara Koska Tabir.”

“Who is looking for me?” A short woman on the street asked, looking at the tall Albadian and her elf friend.

“We are,” Valda answered, as Belemir was opening his mouth to answer also, stepping on his foot to keep him quiet. “I heard you’re the best archeologist the Asuras family has on staff. And the most determined.”

“I wonder who you’ve been listening to… that’s not what my boss says,” Miss Tabir said with half a smile. “Most annoying, perhaps. Though in the nicest way.”

“I imagine it’s your northern blood giving you that grit and determination,” the Helliann sorceress says with a smile, recognizing a certain accent in the short woman’s voice. “But you missed out on the height, I see.”

The scholarly woman’s eyebrows rose. “Not many pick up on that, but then you’re not long from the Mount, are you? Was there something you need an archeologist for?”

“Yes, in fact there is,” Valda answered, remembering her mission. “There’s an archeological dig at Mullis Town, could be some very useful artifacts buried in the river mud. Maybe some with special healing capabilities. But no one of much skill is organizing the dig, and it’s a mess. They need an expert, and I think you’re the one.”

“Mullis Town… that’s quite a journey.” Ara Koska Tabir said, tapping her chin. “Healing artifacts, you say?”

“If you can escort us to your superior, we can go over the details of your next expedition…”

Later that day, walking out towards the forest, Valda made a check mark on a list.

“You used her pain. She’s trying to heal someone.” Belemir stated, looking at the sorceress.

“Yes, and family can drive us to do extraordinary things. I fulfilled the mission, and I hope she does find the artifact she needs, while also being where she’s needed by others.”

“Speaking of family…” Valda looked over at Belemir with a grin, next to a field of red lotus.


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